Before - During - After

How to Use TacBoard for Each Stage of Your Event.

Before Your Event

TacBoard Receive Phone Number

Sign up anytime within a year of your event and instantly receive your unique phone number, online gallery, and live photo stream.

You'll be able to begin using TacBoard right away and your phone number won't expire until 30 days after your event date.

Be sure to share your unique phone number with your friends and family, and it's always fun to text some of your favorite photos before your main event to have them streaming as everyone walks in!

During Your Event

Set up your Live Photo Stream


Connect a laptop to a projector (or TV) with an HDMI cable or similar.


On the laptop, access the venue’s Wi-Fi network or your hotspot.


While logged into your TacBoard account, simply select “Display Live."

Need to rent a projector and screen for your event? Contact your DJ or venue today!

Ready For Fun?

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