TacBoard for Fundraisers

Add seamless fun to your fundraiser while collecting valuable pics of your guests and supporters enjoying the event.

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Set up TacBoard at your fundraiser and create easy and fun entertainment for your guests and supporters all while building an amazing album of candid photos you can later use for internal purposes, on your social media, or just to enjoy.

All Inclusive

TacBoard Fundraisers from anywhere

Easily include remote supporters by sharing your gallery link and Live Stream link, where they’ll be able to see all the great pics flowing in and contribute their own.

Ask and You Shall Receive

TacBoard Party Signs
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Place some signs around at the event space asking guests to take specific photos, or selfies and text them to your TacBoard number.

Make Photo Fun

TacBoard Photo Props

Make a photo station at your fundraiser with fun props and a sign asking guests to snap some fun pics and text them to your TacBoard phone number

So Easy, So Wonderful

You will seamlessly collect hundreds of candid photos from your fundraiser of your guests and supporters having fun, which you can later use in internal newsletters, recruiting, marketing, and social media to show off the great support you have for your cause.

TacBoard Corporate Events Photo Gallery

Easy, Fun & Fabulous

Easily add some fun interaction to your fundraiser that guests will love but is also not dominating, distracting, or obnoxious.

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