We LOVED how fast we were able to view all of the pictures our wedding guests uploaded. We are so grateful to have all of these memories. Many of the pictures we may have never seen, so thank you TacBoard for making this possible!

Alexis B.

Pittsburgh, PA

Tacboard is great! Fun and easy to use! Our guests loved it.

Jenn and Todd L.

Chicago, IL

Almost everyone from young to old knows how to text. It seemed like an easy way to get our guests to contribute their perspective from the day! Indeed, it turned out to be just that.

Alexandra G.

Cambridge, MA

All our wedding guests were able to use it & could upload the pictures they took up to a month after our wedding. We are so excited to have our pictures there in one place to look at whenever we want! Tacboard is amazing!

Julie L.

Vancouver, WA

TacBoard works like a charm! I love this service so much. It's the perfect solution for organizing all those valuable candid photos your guests are going to take on your wedding day.

Kara Lamerato

Producer & Host ofWedding Planning Podcast

San Diego, CA

I'm so glad I ran across TacBoard online! We initially wanted to do a photo area, but didn't want to have to set up a camera or have a stationary photographer there all night. I had pictures from almost every guest and it was so easy for everyone to text in their pictures and for me to email them to older guests who don't have Facebook and who just do email.

Vanessa E.

Tacoma, WA

Tacboard was a great way for our guests to share their candid pics. We are so happy to have special shots that could not have been captured by the wedding photographer. Our Tacboard pics will be a great addition to the wedding photo album.

Lynn M.

Minneapolis, MN

We were searching for an option to capture guest photos of a wedding, but we needed something simple. Tacboard was the only option we found that didn't require our guests to download or sign up for anything. The Tacboard staff was easy to work with and even expedited shipping on the table tents to make sure they arrived in time for the ceremony. Our guests enjoyed watching the live stream of photos, and we love looking back on all of the memories that they shared. We would recommend highly Tacboard to anybody who is getting married.

Brandon T.

Cleveland, OH

We got snapshots of the rehearsal day/dinner we didn't even expect. It made me wish we had it for the bachelor/bachelorette parties!

Elise G.

Pittsburgh, PA