TacBoard for Weddings

Your guests will love it and you will love all the photos

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Set up TacBoard at your wedding and create easy and fun entertainment for your guests all while building an amazing album of candid photos from your wedding celebration.

Oldies But Goodies

TacBoard Weddings Old Couple Photos

Add old photos to your gallery beforehand and have them already streaming on your Live Stream when the reception starts. These could be of the couple as kids or more recent photos of them having fun with their friends and family (who will likely be in attendance and will love seeing themselves with the celebrities of the day).

Ask and You Shall Receive

TacBoard Weddings Photo Sign

Place some signs around at the rehearsal and reception asking guests to take specific photos, or selfies and text them to your TacBoard number.

Making Photo Fun

TacBoard Weddings Photo Sign

Make a photo station at your reception with fun props and a sign asking guests to snap some fun pics and text them to your TacBoard phone number.

Easy, Fun & Fabulous

Your guests will love it. It is fun, interactive and easy without being dominating, distracting, or obnoxious.

Surprises You'll Love

Collect hundreds of wedding photos with TacBoard

You will seamlessly collect hundreds of candid pics from your big day that you may have never seen otherwise.

Now It's Time To Relax

Relax and view your TacBoard Gallery

You will have a lot of wedding photos to look at on your honeymoon before waiting weeks for your professional photos to arrive.

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